Why Us?

There have been a couple of similar services before, and as we see it, the problem with most of them was that they were not professional enough, not secure enough, and not taken seriously, thus becoming subjects to easy hacking and other problems. We on the other hand, are here for the long run. Our team consists of professional secure web application developers with 5-10 years experience, and we have built this solution from scratch with security being our number one concern. We strive to be an investing platform service that just works and does not loose it's private ethereum keys due to poorly configured backups or because of someone hacker attacks on another sites from the same shared hosting, or because of any other silly reason.

What is EtherInvest?

EtherInvest is one of the fewest platform in the world who give profit sharing for holding Ethereum with us. EtherInvest functioning is simple, hassle free and efficient. As soon as we receive your Ethereum you can immediately start earnings.
All transactions are fast and secure. We access the latest and most advanced technologies in the industry. We have the State-of-art hardware already running for you. It will soon be a single platform for all financial requirements.
We strive to provide the best solutions to our clients and our experts work round the clock to come up with the smartest 360˚ solution for you. Investing in Ethereum is a great way and an attractive area of investment. The main reason for invest in Ethereum , Scarcity of Supply and with the rising price of the cryptocurrency over the last couple of years, Ethereum has begun rivalling safe-haven assets.

Are you going to run away with my Ethereum?

With a service like ours it will always be an issue of trust of course, but we can ensure you that the service will continue to operate, simply because of all the time and effort we put into building it, debugging it, setting it up at a secure location, etc., which makes it simply not worth for us to run away with a couple of hundred ethereum which is collected at the initial phase. As the time will pass, you will see that our service will undergo changes and improvements, which someone who wanted to hit-and-run also would not do. Of course, we are still going to have to earn your trust. We suggest you trying the service out with small amounts, and increasing slowly as time goes.